"Alis volat propriis."                     

"She flies with her own wings."

Executive Coaching


I was a labor and employment attorney for 12 years.  One of the things I noticed over those 12 years, as our society became increasingly litigious, is that many lawsuits resulted or were exacerbated by the parties going into "litigation mode", where each side was preparing for attack or defense, rather than just speaking to each other as people.  As an attorney, I understood the necessity of this, but I also recognized that it often unnecessarily complicated matters.  In fact, this is one of the reasons I elected to leave the practice of law.

My goal with any training or consulting program that I provide is to bring common sense and humanity back into the workplace.


During my 12 years as an attorney, I focused a large part of my practice on OSHA and workplace safety-related issues.  I represented employers throughout OSHA inspections, conducted accident investigations, provided counseling and advice on safety-related issues, and provided training on a multitude of OSHA and safety-related topics.

I always enjoyed the safety part of my practice because I felt it was one area where I could help employers make a real impact - by helping to make their workplaces safer.  It also always felt like a way to be closer to my dad, who spent his entire career as a sheet metal worker.

So, when I decided to start my own training and consulting company, I knew I wanted to continue the safety training and consulting as well.  Follow the  link below for more information.

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