Investigation Services

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things go sideways. An employee engages in misconduct. An accident happens. A high-level executive is caught up in a scandal. An employee files a complaint of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

Generally, when one of these things happen, an organization is required to conduct a workplace investigation. How the organization conducts that investigation can either help or hinder the situation. If the investigation is handled poorly, a company can face additional liability for conducting a negligent investigation. Additionally, the investigation report is arguably one of the most important documents a company can possess. A comprehensive, well-written workplace investigation report is how you show that you did what you needed to do: conducted a prompt, thorough, and unbiased investigation.

Monarch has conducted numerous sensitive, complex, and complicated workplace investigations. Our legal background and experience give us an edge that not all workplace investigators have, allowing us to see issues that may not be obvious to others. Our investigations are thorough, professional, and efficient. Our reports are detailed, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

Some of our prior investigations include:

  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Sexual harassment allegations
  • Racial discrimination allegations
  • Workplace accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities
  • Workplace misconduct

When you are faced with a workplace investigation, call in the experts.