The journey towards excellence is not a straight line. We see every problem as an opportunity to make progress towards achieving your organizational goals. Whether it is a short-term project or a longer-term initiative, Monarch offers a variety of business consulting services to help you reach your goals. Here are just a few…

Employee Handbooks

Imagine if your employees actually enjoyed reading your company handbook! We thrive on taking the typical, boring handbook and turning it into an engaging story that communicates not only your company’s policies, but also your company’s history, shared values, and personality. If your handbook is in need of an update, let us give it a make-over!


Do you have policies and procedures that are out-of-date? Or do your policies and procedures say one thing, but you know your employees are doing something different? We can help you modify your policies and procedures to make sure they are compliant with the law and consistent with what your employees are actually doing. We can also help you create new policies and procedures that make sense for your organization.

Performance Management Systems

Do you still do annual performance reviews? Do your managers actually complete them? On time? Let us help you evaluate whether your current system of performance management is effective and productive.

Talent Acquisition and Development Programs

Are you finding the candidates you want? Are you looking for a more diverse pool of candidates? Once you find the right candidates, are you successfully retaining them? Are you having turnover issues? Let us help you figure out how to attract – and keep – the candidates that are best for your organization.

Employee Engagement Programs

How is employee morale at your company? Happier employees make for more productive employees. If employee morale is not where it used to be, or if you want to take your employee culture to the next level, Monarch can help you find ways to increase employee engagement.

Women’s Initiatives

Are you thinking about starting a women’s initiative in your company? Perhaps you already have one, but it is lacking structure or effectiveness. Monarch can help take your women’s initiative to the next level by developing concrete action steps and identifiable, objective metrics by which to measure success.

Organizational Structure/Transition Planning

Does your current reporting structure make sense? Or do you have communication gaps that are causing things to fall through the cracks? Do you have key employees who need to transition into other positions, but can’t figure out how to make that happen? Monarch can help you build a reporting structure, or create a transition plan, that makes sense and allows your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Implementation and Facilitation

How many “great ideas” does your company have sitting on the proverbial shelf gathering dust? Many times, the reason great ideas gather dust is because the employees tasked with implementing them have full-time jobs to do. As a result, the ideas fall by the wayside or get moved to the bottom of the priority list. Monarch helps you turn your ideas into actions. We work closely with you to create an implementation process that is as smooth and seamless as possible, so that those great ideas gather dust no more.

Here to walk with you through any type of situation no matter how big or small!