About Monarch Endeavors

Monarch Endeavors, LLC (“Monarch”) was founded in 2016 by Julie Sumner, a labor and employment attorney with over 15 years of experience helping employers when they were sued for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and other claims. Although Julie enjoyed helping employers, she became frustrated by the reactive nature of litigation. Indeed, by the time a lawsuit was filed, all she could really do for her clients was perform damage control.

Monarch was born out of that frustration, as a more impactful and effective way to help employers avoid (or at least minimize the risk of) litigation by taking a proactive approach to compliance. We help you stay in compliance with our training and HR Hotline support services.

And when things go wrong, as they inevitably do from time to time, we can help you figure out what happened by providing unbiased, independent investigation services.

But Monarch doesn’t stop at compliance.  We work with employers to move beyond compliance to creating a workplace environment where all employees – and as a result, the company as a whole – can excel. We do this through our customized consulting and coaching services.

Our Promise to You:

At Monarch, our motto is “Alis volat propriis,” which is Latin for “She flies with her own wings.” That is what we aim to help you do: fly with your own wings. Our goal is that, one day, you won’t need us anymore (at least not on a regular basis). We will always be here for you, especially when complicated situations arise, but we strive to get you to a point where you feel comfortable handling the vast majority of issues on your own.

Julie Sumner, Founder

Trainer, Investigator, Consultant, Coach

A self-proclaimed “recovering attorney,” Julie combines her legal experience and knowledge with her social worker heart. Julie is the one that clients call in that “Oh, Sh!t!” moment, when they are at a loss on how to handle a certain situation. She is the trusted confidante who will give it to you straight; sometimes giving you the tough love you may not want, but often need. She is also skilled at finding solutions that comply with the law that are also feasible and practical for your organization to implement.

With Julie by your side, you will feel confident tackling even the stickiest, trickiest issues.


Trisha Textor-Gerrity

Chief Training Officer

Trisha has over ten years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting. For the last several years, she has been training HR professionals across the country, teaching certificate programs for HR Generalists and Internal Investigations, in addition to a number of other compliance-related topics.

Trisha’s passion lies with recruiting, on-boarding, employee engagement, and talent development. As with everything Monarch does, Trisha offers a customized approach to our clients. She gets to know your organization, your industry, and your culture, so that she can help you design a talent acquisition and development program that will attract the candidates that are right for you.

Trisha also offers consulting services, providing support to small HR departments who need a little extra help.


Brynna Soth

Project Coordinator

Brynna is a skilled multitasker, project manager, and creative. She brings over 15 years of varied experience with clients, vendors and administration and has had the privilege of working in a multitude of fields.

Brynna graduated with honors from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s in Theatrical Performance, and then moved to Chicago. She now resides in Grand Rapids, MI. She has taken the reins in multiple theatrical productions both on and off stage, including lighting, makeup, sound, and set design. Brynna’s passion for theater has offered itself well to the project management field, allowing her to draw from her varied skillset in order to ensure the team has exactly what they need for every job.

When not providing support for Monarch, Brynna is a voice over actor and full time variety streamer on Twitch as well! She voices commercials, video games, cartoons, audio dramas, and other media. She appeared in a Lucasfilm recognized Star Wars stunt show, several audio dramas and podcasts, and a multitude of other projects. Where will you hear her next?