HR Hotline

For when those "Oh, Sh!t" moments happen!

There are many intricacies and complexities in employment laws. Running afoul of the law can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. When a complicated situation arises on which you need extra guidance, Monarch can be the HR lifeline you need.

Some examples of matters on which we routinely provide guidance include:

  • Disciplinary actions
  • Terminations
  • Employee complaints/concerns
  • FMLA – eligibility questions, intermittent leave, and concerns related to abuse
  • ADA accommodations
  • Compliance with employment laws, including but not limited to Title VII, ADA, ADEA, PDA, FMLA, GINA, OSHA, and more
  • Conflict resolution
  • Misconduct
  • Violations of company policies and procedures
  • Any situation that makes you say, ‘Oh, Sh!t!,’ what do we do now?!

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