Professional Coaching

Sometimes your managers, supervisors, executives, and rising stars need some help fine-tuning their leadership skills. Monarch can help your current and future leaders move from good to great. We customize our professional coaching services to meet the needs of each individual. We provide concrete action steps and work with your organization to make sure our professional development coach is delivering the intended results.

We also work with individuals who may be looking to move to the next level, contemplating a career change, exploring entrepreneurship, or negotiating a new or increased compensation package. Monarch can help you explore new career options, prepare for that big meeting with your boss, give you the confidence to ask for what you deserve, or support you as you strike out on your own! Don’t wait another second to start flying with your own wings – contact us today!

I’m a professional communicator. Yet I was terrified on how to approach my boss concerning my compensation and position. I’ve read books and articles on the topic, but I kept ruminating on what to say without taking action. I’d never worked with an executive coach before and I was skeptical on whether I really needed one. But I realized that I was stuck and reached out to Julie. Julie quickly understood the situation. She helped me plan and prepare for the conversation with my boss. She coached me on how to address the topics and answer the questions that I feared. She helped me plan for what to do if the conversation went south. By the time I approached my boss, I was confident, prepared and composed. I nailed it!

If I hadn’t called Julie, I’d likely still be ruminating about the issue – wasting precious time and still receiving compensation that did not reflect my value. Julie helped me take action. As a result, I’ve received the compensation, but even better — Julie’s advice and coaching has helped advance my career.

Angela B.

Chicago, IL

Julie is the real deal. She’s genuine and knows how to coach executives to negotiate their worth. Julie couples her training as an attorney with her grit mindset to inspire her clients to step out of their comfort zones. I know this because Julie coached me to successfully negotiate my own executive compensation package. I would absolutely engage Julie again when making future career moves.

Kelly M.

Nashville, TN

From individuals to teams, contact us to learn how coaching can help foster growth!