Fall Protection Still a Top Cited Issue by OSHA

(*Note: This list will be updated in April for fiscal year 2023)

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which publishes annual citation reports, ranks lack of protection from falls in the construction industry as its most commonly cited standard in fiscal year 2022. The citations follow OSHA inspections at worksites nationwide where the administration found more unprotected sides, edges, and openings than any other hazard. 

According to OSHA, about ⅓ of all fatalities in the industry are attributed to falls, making it the leading cause of death in construction. To comply with government standards, employers need to provide personal safety equipment as well as guardrail, safety net, and personal fall arrest systems. Employers must also provide fall protection training to employees who may work in hazardous areas. More information about OSHA requirements for fall protection in construction can be found here.

Behind fall protection, the most frequently issued OSHA citations include lack of proper communication about toxic and hazardous substances as well as non-compliant construction ladders, personal respiratory protection equipment, scaffolding, industrial trucks, hazardous energy from machines, inadequate fall protection training and eye and face protection in the construction industry, and an absence of safety guards on machines.