Spring Fever – Ways to Boost Employee Morale

We made it through the winter! The sun is shining more often, the weather is getting nicer, and hopefully people have a bit more “spring” in their step! After the winter we’ve had (at least here in Ohio), on top of the pandemic, it seems like everyone is feeling a bit restless. Here are some ways to tap into that restlessness and use it as a way to improve employee morale!

  • Have an impromptu, in-office scavenger hunt (or do a scavenger hunt via Zoom if you are still remote). This gets people up and moving, and more importantly, engaging with each other for reasons other than work.
  • Schedule an outdoor happy hour, or if people are still nervous about being at restaurants, a picnic lunch. Potlucks can be a great way to contribute together as a team, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can also do this in an online format if your team is remote/mostly remote!
  • Start a fitness challenge. Focus on improving health versus weight loss (we know that losing weight can improve your health, but weight loss can be frustrating and stigmatizing for many). Do a step challenge with enough steps to reach a fun location, like the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or all the way around Oahu.
  • If you’re interested in the fitness or step challenge, consider adding an outside the office mental wellness option to keep things fresh. Ask employees to take a photo of something they liked on their walk or visit outside and share with others!
  • One of the things that has been so trying for so many of us during the last two years is that we don’t spend as much time just socializing with and getting to know our colleagues. Start a “Reconnection Challenge” where you challenge employees to re-connect with each of their colleagues within a certain timeframe. This could be done in-person or virtually over 15-20 minute coffee breaks.
  • Send your employees funny (but HR appropriate) cards via snail mail – yes, real mail! Everyone likes to receive real mail once in a while!
  • Construct a pet bracket! Encourage employees to share pictures of their fluffy companions in a survival of the cutest! Who will be the winner? This could include some fun pet toys/treats, a Zoom session with the top three “champions”, or even a visit to the office!
  • Try a fun trivia game where random facts about someone are read over lunch or an afternoon set aside for team building. You can use examples such as “This person’s favorite snack is Chili Cheese Fritos” or “This person really loves to go to pottery classes” and see who can guess which employee matches the fact!

What other things can you come up with or have you done that have worked to boost employee morale and connection? Tell us below in the comments!

Happy Spring!